Lead Paint Enclosure New York City

This method involves the enclosure of the lead-based painted surface by material that stops lead dust and chips from being introduced into the environment.

Dust-tight barriers such as sheetrock or plywood are installed to protect against the release of the hazardous material into the environment. When the enclosure is eventually removed, the hazardous material is once again exposed and it usually has become more prone to being released into the atmosphere. This is why it is important to consider lead testing before beginning a renovation in your building or home.

It is very important that untrained or uninformed workers do not re-expose the hazardous areas unknowingly and endanger themselves and others by releasing lead into the building.

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Lead Paint Enclosure Instructions from the NYC DOH

To use this method to repair violations the firm must be EPA certified to conduct lead abatement

To remove all lead paint on a surface, these steps should be followed:

  1. Dampen loose or defective paint with a water mister.
  2. Use a scraper to remove it while it is damp.
  3. Before covering walls, remove baseboards.
  4. Cover walls entirely with wallboard, sheetrock, plasterboard, or paneling.
  5. Tightly seal all seams after enclosure and replace baseboards with lead-free components.
  6. Paint new component (where appropriate) with primer and two coats of non-lead based paint.
  7. Clean up debris and dust as you work.

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